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Simply register online using the appropriate registration form and have your driver’s license validated.

The various customer tariffs can be found in detail under “Prices & Tariffs”.

Book a car

After successful registration and activation of your customer account, you can book the vehicles of STATTAUTO. This can be done conveniently online with our app or here via the website. Simply select the desired period and the desired vehicle on our booking platform and book.

Get on and go

Enjoy your ride with STATTAUTO! Whether you just want to make a short shopping trip or a longer vacation, we have a suitable vehicle for every purpose.

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Your questions - our answers


What does station-based car sharing mean?

Station-based car sharing means that the car sharing vehicles are parked at fixed parking spaces, or stations. Vehicles are picked up at the station and dropped off at the same station. STATTAUTO has over 145 stations distributed throughout Munich and the surrounding area. This means that everyone can find a suitable station close to home or work.

What does car sharing cost?

Car sharing is cheaper than buying your own car up to a mileage of 10,000 kilometers per year. All prices at STATTAUTO can be found under Prices & Tariffs. If you would like to know more about the cost comparison between a private car and a carsharing car, please visit the website of the Bundesverband Carsharing e.V. (German Carsharing Association).

How can I change my access data?

You cannot change your stored data yourself. If your address or bank details have changed, please email us at info [at] stattauto-muenchen [dot] de. We will be happy to change that for you.

Can I use STATTAUTO in other cities?

As a STATTAUTO user, you can use car sharing vehicles from other station-based providers throughout Germany. You can find the cross-use overview here.


How can I register?

To become a STATTAUTO customer, simply register online using the registration form. With the majority of our rates, you can validate your driver’s license online and thus use STATTAUTO faster. Here you will find the different registration routes.

What are the tariffs?

STATTAUTO has the right tariff for everyone.

  • The standard tariff – The tariff for all
  • The YoungMobility rate – the rate for everyone up to the age of 27
  • The GoFamily rate – The rate for new parents with GoFamily voucher from the city of Munich.
  • The participant community – The tariff for families and residential communities

Under Prices & Rates you will find a detailed overview of the rates.


How can I book a vehicle?

Vehicles can be booked via app, website or phone. You can book the vehicles from 1 hour to 4 weeks and even two years in advance. For booking you need your customer number and your pin.

Where are the vehicles located?

The vehicles are located throughout Munich and the surrounding area at over 145 stations. You can find a station overview on the map in the app or here on the page under “Book a car”. You can find the station list here.

Are there accessories for the vehicles?

Child seats, booster seats and snow chains are rented by STATTAUTO itself. Roof racks, roof boxes and bike racks can be rented through our cooperation partner. If you are interested in accessories, please send us your inquiry to the info [at] stattauto-muenchen [dot] de.

Can I cancel trips free of charge?

Trips can be cancelled free of charge if:

  • The booking is shorter than 7 days and is canceled 24 hours before the start of the booking (to the minute)
  • The booking lasts longer than 7 days and is cancelled 7 days before the start of the booking (to the minute).


Can I drive abroad with a STATTAUTO?

You are welcome to travel abroad with a STATTAUTO. Registration is not required here. For Eastern European countries we recommend a foreign confirmation from us. For this purpose, a notification by phone or e-mail is sufficient for us and you will receive the confirmation by mail within a few days.

What to consider when refueling?

Refueling is included in the price of the trip at STATTAUTO. Therefore, in every vehicle there is a UTA fuel card, with which you can refuel in many gas stations in the country and abroad. If you fill up at a gas station that does not accept a UTA card, please lay out the amount and send us the original receipt for reimbursement. Likewise, in the electric vehicles is a charging card with which you can charge the vehicle. You can find the pin for payment with the UTA or charge card in your manual or in the app during your booking under Options > Show fuel cards.

What can I do if my booked vehicle is not at the location?

If your booked vehicle is not at the usual parking place, please look in the safe (if safe is available) to see if there is a note from the previous user. If this is not the case, please call customer service or the booking center.

There are also vehicles that are operated in neighborhood car sharing. There, vehicles can be parked throughout the neighborhood. For these vehicles, you will be informed by e-mail 10 minutes before the start of the booking where exactly the vehicle is located. You can see if you have booked a quarter vehicle in the respective station description.

Can I extend trips during the booking?

If during the booking process you find that you need to extend the booking, you can do so either online, via app or by phone. If you are unable to extend the booking due to a direct subsequent user online or via app, please contact the booking center by phone.

What should be considered at the end of the journey?

At the end of your ride, please make sure that you leave the vehicle clean so that the next customer can also use a clean vehicle. Please take all your personal belongings from the vehicle. If you have discovered a lost property at the beginning of your booking, please report it to customer service.

If you have used a safe vehicle, lock the vehicle with the vehicle key and insert the key into a free slot in the safe. For a vehicle without a safe, please put the key back into the terminal and lock the vehicle with your customer card or the app.


What to do in case of an accident or self-inflicted damage?

If you have caused a self-inflicted damage (with or without an accident opponent) with the vehicle of STATTATUO, you must immediately report this to the customer service or the booking center by telephone. It is also imperative that you inform the police in the event of an accident with the other party. Whether you are at fault for an accident or not, the two steps are to be followed. It is also necessary that you provide the customer service with damage photos of our vehicle from the location of the damage or accident. An accident report is additionally required if other road users were involved.

In case of self-inflicted damage or accident, you are liable for an excess of up to €1,200. If you take out a safety package with STATTAUTO, your deductible is reduced to 300€ for one claim per year.


When will I receive my invoice?

You will always receive the trip statement in the first week after the billing period. For example, you will receive your bill for the July billing period in the first week of August.

What means of payment are available?

Only SEPA direct debit is accepted as a means of payment.

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