English Information

The STATTAUTO website and contracts are all in German, but that shouldn’t stop you from becoming a member. If you speak at least basic German, feel free to sign up Wednesdays at the 18:30 session. The session itself will be in German and brief individual questions can be answered at the end of the session in English. If you do not speak at least basic German, please make an individual appointment during regular opening hours so that our staff can walk you through the entire procedure! You should certainly also bring a translator if you’re uneasy about signing contracts in German. We recommend that English speakers use our super-easy internet booking, as not all our telephone operators speak English.

Basic Information about CarSharing in Munich
How CarSharing works, the costs, cost comparison with a private car, CarSharing’s significance for traffic planning, etc.

How the system works in practice
How the contract works, the fleet, how to book a car by phone or via the internet, stations, gassing up, etc.

Terms and Conditions
Only available in German.

Other frequently asked questions only available in German.