Pricing examples

All information about pricing – especially prices / price range for our car classifications – is available on our latest price list and flyer as a PDF.

Anyone who wants to become a member of STATTAUTO München has to conclude a participant contract with us, pay a 500€ deposit (will be refunded after withdrawal), pay a onetime admission fee over 40€ and pay a monthly contribution over 6 €. Special conditions apply to participant communities and companies. If you have a MVV/MVG-IsarCard sub your deposit will be reduced to 250€ and the onetime admission fee to 20€.

Royalty is calculated based on the fee for the booking time (time rate) plus the fee for your driven kilometers (km rate).
Pricing example:

The following shows an excerpt of our pricing for a mini car (e.g. Renault Clio):

Kilometer rate: (per driven km) 0,27 €

Time rate: Hour 8 – 24 Uhr 2,65 €
Hour 0 – 8 Uhr 0,50 €
Daily flat rate (24 hours) 26,50 €
Weekly flat rate 132,50 €

Prices include tax, fuel and comprehensive insurance with a 1000€ deductible etc.. For more information please see our pricing list.

The following shows a few calculation examples based on a mini car rate:

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