Environmentally friendly mobility

Car sharing contributes an effective part to relief the environment. For one car sharing vehicle an average of 5 private vehicles are abolished and a planned new purchase of another 5 is not necessary. An addition of at least 10 more cars are saved because our customers start driving less altogether. 20 to 25 customers share a car on average. As a consequence:

  • reduced pollution load
  • reduced area required for cars
  • more economic use of the cars
  • increased use of public transit (MVV/MVG, train)

The positive ecopolitical importance is already admitted on every political level (federal government, states, municipalities). Because of that STATTAUTO München is partnered with the MVG, MVV/MVG, environmental associations, churches, cities and municipalities, as well as public housing associations and cooperatives.

You as a participant can drive in an environment friendly way. For this follow the Ten fuel efficiency tips by the VCD and the consumer advice center.

Most fuel can of course be saved by using a combination of car sharing, public transport and bicycling!

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