The car sharing system

STATTAUTO München maintains a fleet of currently 450 cars at over 135 fix stations in the city area and its vicinity. STATTAUTO München organizes maintenance, care and repair for those vehicles.

With STATTAUTO München you are mobile without the need of owning a car.

You are able to book a suitable vehicle from the STATTAUTO fleet for things like shopping, visiting friends, trips, vacations and business travels. Alongside three passenger car classes (mini, small and medium class) there are also mini vans and mini busses in three different sizes at your disposal.

Booking for STATTAUTO München vehicles is available 24/7 via our smartphone app, our booking website and via phone. With the size of our fleet nearly any booking wishes can be fulfilled. Use a car for a spontaneous one hour ride or for a long term vacation planned in advance.

You can pick up the vehicle keys with your customer card and pin code. Refuel at STATTAUTO München’s expense with a refueling card. After you’ve returned from your trip place the car back at the reserved stall at the station you’ve picked it up.

In many German cities you are able to use vehicles from our cooperating car sharing program via cross usage.

Families, companies and organizations can become a member of STATTAUTO München as well.

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