The car sharing system

STATTAUTO München maintains a fleet of currently 450 cars at over 125 fix stations in the city area and its vicinity. STATTAUTO München organizes maintenance, care and repair for those vehicles. More >

Pricing examples

Anyone who wants to become a member of STATTAUTO München has to conclude a participant contract , with us, pay a 500 € deposit von 500 € (will be refunded after withdrawal), pay a onetime admission fee over 55,60 € and pay a monthly contribution over 7,79 €. More >

Environmentally friendly mobility

Car sharing contributes an effective part to relief the environment. For one car sharing vehicle an average of 5 private vehicles are abolished and a planned new purchase of another 5 is not necessary. An addition of at least 10 more cars are saved because our customers start driving less altogether. 20 to 25 customers share a car on average. More >