Safety Package

The safety package reduces the deductible for self-imposed accidents from 1000,– € to 300,– €.

It remains valid for one year after signing and counts towards one damage case per year. It will be extended automatically for another year if not cancelled at least four weeks before it expires.

The safety package costs 68,– € per year for the first person and 34,– € per year for any additional person. The amounts are paid immediately and will be calculated with your next bill. The safety package is subject to receipt of payment of STATTAUTO München.

The safety package is automatically canceled upon canceling your participant contract. There is no entitlement to any refunds.
You will receive a notification via mail after contract formation. STATTAUTO München is eligible to decline the contract closing of a safety package.

If you want to subscribe to a safety package, please send an e-mail with your customer data at:

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