After the Trip

When you have returned, the vehicle must be driven to the station where it was picked up. While filling out the trip report remember to include

  • your name and the vehicle identification number
  • date and time of start and finish with final kilometer standing
  • all additional information that will be needed to calculate the final bill (expenses for fuel, cleaning costs etc.)
  • if necessary notes and comments on any new damage to the vehicle

Please place the driving report and if applicable, original receipts for expenses in the trip report box. All receipts and bills must have your name and the vehicle’s name (from its keychain) written on them. The bill is based on this trip report. Finally, lock the vehicle in the appropriate manner and return the key to the safe or the board computer for the next user.

Please be aware that not every station needs trip reports anymore. More information about this is available here.

Please be sure the vehicles are clean before returning them, especially on the inside. You too appreciate a clean car!

If you need to have the inside or the outside of a vehicle cleaned, STATTAUTO will credit your account (see price list).

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