How the CarSharing System works


STATTAUTO was founded in April 1992, and has grown to roughly 16,000 participating members today. Around 85% live in Munich proper. Our participants have a high rate of satisfaction, as their practical experience justifies their expectations. STATTAUTO is continually working to steadily enlarge its network and refine its system to maintain a high quality of service.

Membership Contract

If you would like to become a STATTAUTO member, the first steps are signing the contract and paying the registration fee and deposit. When you sign the contract, you will be given an introduction and:

  • The handbook (only available in German) – a collection of complete practical instructions.
  • A personal member identification number – essential for booking and billing.
  • The telephone numbers of the booking and assistance centers (24 hour service)
  • An identification card with a corresponding PIN for accessing the electronic key safes and the vehicles’ onboard computers, as well as for booking cartime on the internet.

The contract is similar to an extended rental contract, and eliminates the need for individual contracts at each booking.
You will be able to book cars a few days after signing the contract. After that, you can book minutes or months in advance.

The Fleet

Below are examples of the various vehicles available according to class:

  1. Compact class (Miniklasse): Toyota Aygo
  2. Economy car (Kleinwagen): Toyota Yaris (also hybrids), Ford Fiesta
  3. Midsize car (Mittelklasse): Stationwagon: Renault Megane, Toyota Auris TS (auch Hybrid), Opel Astra, Ford Focus
    High-roof stationwagon: Renault Kangoo, Fiat Doblo
    Sedan: Toyota Auris Hybrid
  4. Compact Van: Toyota Verso
  5. Passenger Van (Kleinbusse): Renault Trafic Bus, Ford Transit Bus
  6. Cargo van (Kleintransporter): Renault Trafic, Ford Transit

Small cars and medium-sized hybrid cars may have automatic transmissions.
100% of initial booking requests can be fulfilled with our fleet of 400 to 430 vehicles. STATTAUTO varies the fleet continuously to meet changing needs: more vehicles are required in summer and for holidays than in winter.

The Stations

The vehicles are parked at more than 100 different stations in Munich and surrounding areas. You can use vehicles from any of these. A few of the stations have only one vehicle each. The other stations have between two and five and some up to ten vehicles available. All vehicles are accessible around the clock.


Reservations can be made over the phone 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The booking agents at our own central office or at our partner, cantamen in Hannover, take care of all bookings, cancellations, and extensions.

You can book spontaneously or months ahead of time. The smallest time unit is one hour. When you book over the telephone please state:

  • Your member number and name
  • Date and time you would like to start and end your trip
  • Your preferred station and the preferred size/class of vehicle needed

If the vehicle you want is reserved by another member, the booking agent will give you other options to meet your needs. Alternatively, you can book via the internet, or via our Android and iOS apps.

Before Your Trip

Before driving, you get the car key with your ID card and PIN: the introduction at the signing of the contract explains the system. Then you check the vehicle over for visible damage: new damage must be reported to STATTAUTO at the beginning of your trip.

If a reserved vehicle is not where it should be, please be patient. The driver may merely be delayed by traffic. Call the booking service if it is more than ten minutes late. Central booking may have more information as to the whereabouts of the vehicle. If it is not possible to wait for the originally booked vehicle, you can book another for the same price or you may cancel with no cost to you. In any case you will receive a financial compensation (see the Price List) which can of course be used for a taxi ride.

Your Trip

Gasoline / petrol is included in the kilometer price. Because every vehicle has a gas card, no cash is needed for refueling. The card is accepted at all petrol stations with a „UTA“-sign in Germany and in other European countries. The vehicles should always be returned with at least a half tank.

Accidents must sometimes be reported to the police (see the car’s handbook). Accidents must be immediately reported to STATTAUTO via the central booking number, who will take care of everything to do with the insurance. All vehicles are fully insured automatically with the costs included in the rental price. The amount of your deductible (should you cause an accident) is also on the price list. Special cases for foreign travel are stated in the handbook.

After the Trip

When you have returned, the vehicle must be driven to the station where it was picked up. While filling out the trip report remember to include

  • Your name and the vehicle identification number
  • Date and time of start and finish with final kilometer standing
  • All additional information that will be needed to calculate the final bill (expenses for fuel, cleaning costs etc.). This is in your best interest!
  • Notes and comments on any new damage to the vehicle

Please place the driving report and if applicable, original receipts for expenses in the trip report box. All receipts and bills must have your name and the vehicle’s name (from its keychain) written on them. The bill is based on this trip report. Finally, lock the vehicle in the appropriate manner and return the key to the safe or the onboard computer for the next user.

Please be sure the vehicles are clean before returning them, especially on the inside. You too appreciate a clean car! If you need to have the inside or the outside of a vehicle cleaned, STATTAUTO will credit your account (see price list).

Cooperative Use

STATTAUTO members can also use vehicles belonging to cooperating car sharing programs in other cities in Germany and Switzerland in addition to its own fleet in and around the greater Munich area. Details are in the handbook.


Every six to eight weeks you receive a detailed bill for your trips and other expenses you may incur. The monthly fees are billed in one lump sum at the middle of the year. Members generally pay by SEPA automatic debit.