Basic Information about CarSharing in Munich

The CarSharing System

STATTAUTO maintains a fleet of fuel-efficient economy cars, mid-sized cars, minibuses, and full-sized vans for its members. STATTAUTO has parking lots / spaces (stations) set up throughout the city and is responsible for servicing and repairingthese vehicles.

STATTAUTO vehicles, like privately owned vehicles, can be used for different lengths of time (a few hours, days or weeks) and can be reserved at any time over the telephone or on the internet. Whether one needs a vehicle on short notice or has planned far ahead the requests are filled nine times out of ten.

Before driving, the vehicles or key deposit boxes are opened with a chip card and pin code. Vehicles can be refuelled at no expense to the driver with STATTAUTO’s refuelling cards, available in each and every vehicle. At the end of a trip vehicles must be returned to the distribution station and a short driving report completed — this is the basis for billing.

STATTAUTO members can also use vehicles belonging to cooperating car sharing programs in other cities in Germany in addition to its own fleet in and around the greater Munich area. STATTAUTO takes care of the communication between the cooperating organizations for its members.

For the STATTAUTO member, vehicles are seen as a means to an end. Their motto is “to use instead of to own”. Combined with public transportation, the CarSharing system offers enough flexibility to take care of the mobility needs of its members. You are mobile without owning your own car. Note of interest: time needed for daily travel doesn’t change after becoming a STATTAUTO member (see Munich public transportation survey 1996 and 2002).

The Costs

In order to participate in the STATTAUTO CarSharing program one must first: sign a contract, pay a deposit in the amount of 500 € (refunded upon cancellation of membership), pay a one-time application fee of 55,60 €, and a monthly fee of 7,79 €. Member partnerships and companies are entitled to reduced fees. Those who have a yearly pass (IsarCardAbo) for the Munich public transport system pay a deposit of only 250 €, and the application fee is reduced to 27,80 €.

The costs of use are calculated out of the prices for the time booked (time rate) plus the price for the kilometers driven (price per km). Here is an excerpt from our pricelist for an economy car (e.g. Renault Megane):

Kilometer fee: per km 0.29 €

Time rates: per hour (08:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m) 2.89 €
per hour (12:00 p.m. to 08:00 a.m.) 0.56 €
per day (10 to 24 hours) 28.92 €
per week (5 daily fees) 144.58 €

Prices given include fuel, taxes, insurance with 1000 € deductible etc. At 200 km per day (24 hours) you receive a rebate on the time charges – at 350 km 100% (you only pay the price per kilometer). For further details see the current pricelist. Here are some examples of calculations on the basis of an economy car.

Trip distance Time charges km charges Total

Munich – Eching (3 hours / 50 km) 8.67 € 14.49 € 23.16 €
Munich – Passau (1 day / 350 km) 0.00 € 101.50 € 101.50 €
Munich – Passau (2 days / 250 km) 57.84 € 72.50 € 130.34 €
Munich – Osttirol(1 week / 600 km) 144.58 € 174.00 € 318.58 €

Cost Calculator

In German but navigable – choose the type of car you want, how many hours you want it, and enter the number of kilometers you’ll be driving. Our calculator will give you a price estimate for any trip you like.

The Comparison

The fixed costs for private vehicles e.g. an Opel Corsa (new 12,000 €) average at around 3,100 € per year. These include 1,500 € loss of value, 1,000 € taxes/insurance and 600 € interest. The variable costs (e.g. gas, servicing, repairs) are around 0.14 € per kilometer. The following chart offers a simplified view:

km / year 5,000 km 10,000 km 15,000 km 20,000 km

Fixed costs 3.100,00 € 3.100,00 € 3.100,00 € 3.100,00 €
Variable costs 700,00 € 1.400,00 € 2.100,00 € 2.800,00 €
Total costs 3.800,00 € 4.500,00 € 5.200,00 € 5.900,00 €
Costs per km 0.76 € 0.45 € 0.35 € 0.30 €

STATTAUTO makes sense for infrequent drivers because of the fact that a private vehicle is only cheaper after a certain amount of kilometers driven per year. According to a study by the State Traffic Ministry (1995) this cut-off is an average of 6,830 km per year. We estimate that it increases to over 12,000 km per year as the time requirements for vehicle use decrease. It is then obvious that STATTAUTO doesn’t pay for those who have to drive daily; to work or for whatever other reasons there may be.

STATTAUTO members use the vehicles for a variety of purposes such as shopping or when friends and family are visiting; as wells as daytrips, holiday vacations, and business trips. Most of the time however, they get around on foot, by bike or with public transportation (MVV/MVG, train, taxi).

If the STATTAUTO member had a private vehicle before participating in the CarSharing system, they reduced their kilometers driven from an average of 10,600 km per year to 2,800. (MVV/MVGsurvey 2002). STATTAUTO members save money. Their transportation costs (public transport and STATTAUTO) are less than when they had their own vehicle.

Environmentally-Friendly Mobility

CarSharing contributes to the protection of the environment. Each CarSharing vehicle replaces on average five privately owned vehicles and as a result, the future purchase of five new vehicles is also no longer necessary. At least ten vehicles are saved because the participants drive less.

On average the use of each vehicle is split between 20-25 CarSharing members. This results in:

  • reduced emissions
  • reduction in the space required for cars
  • economically efficient use of the vehicles
  • increased use of public transportation options

All levels of government recognize these points as vital for the sustained protection of the environment. For this reason STATTAUTO Munich works in partnership with “MVG”, “MVV”, “DB”, community taxis, environmental groups, churches, cities, and communities.

The body responsible for STATTAUTO Munich

The body responsible for STATTAUTO Munich is the Spectrum Mobil GmbH.

STATTAUTO Munich is not only a CarSharing service, but at the same time, a place and instrument for promoting vocational and social integration.